Marta Dahlig’s Digital Portraits and Free Photoshop brushes!

I first remember seeing one of Marta Dahlig’s digital portraits when I was at University. We were asked to created a website about the ‘7 Deadly Sins’… Of course, if you google ‘7 Deadly Sins’, Marta’s work is one of the first links you’ll find (I think I probably spent more time awing at her work than I did doing any of my own work that lesson!).

It was from this point on that I was fascinated by her stunning portraits.

It’s odd because I’ve never been a massive fan of Fantasy Art. There’s always been something quite kitsch about it that I could never really put my finger on. But Marta’s portraits have me hooked.

Marta Dahlig is a 24 year old female digital painter from Poland who has a huge online following. Her work and contributions on deviantART, CGSociety, and many other websites, has been recognised by magazines world wide and has also won her various awards.

If you’re a digital artist, or you just enjoy Marta’s work, you may be interested to know that she does a lot of tutorials for Imagine FX magazine.


I have recently started doing my own digital portraits, and these are some of the tutorials I’ve used to help me (they’re pretty damn awesome!):


Marta has even been kind enough to share the Photoshop brushes she uses to paint her portraits, along with tutorials on how to use them:

There are hundreds of useful resources, tips, and tutorials on the Imagine FX website and also a lot of artists to discover- go ahead and take a look!

Marta Dahlig’s work can also be found at:


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